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Could you please let me know about sending one Brompton electric bicycle to Indonesia? I understand that the battery is in the dangerous goods category 9. The consignment has two boxes inserted into one larger box. The two smaller boxes contain the bicycle (no battery) and the battery (UN3480). I would prefer to send the overall package as a single box (UN3481), but sending them separately is certainly an option if it works out to be cheaper.

Details about the items being shipped:

1) The destination country, town, postcode/zipcode
Town: Semarang
Postcode: 50268
Country: Indonesia

2) Weight and dimensions for the overall bicycle and battery package (UN3481):
Weight: 24 kg
Dimensions: 62cm x 32cm x 80cm

3) Weight and dimensions for the bicycle-only package:
Weight: 19 kg
Dimensions: 58cm x 31 cm x 64 cm
Contains: Brompton electric bicycle, as detailed in the following link: https://www.brompton.com/catalogue/bikes/brompton-electric/e-bike-m6l-black-6-speed

3) Weight and dimensions for the battery only package (UN3480)
Weight: 4 kg
Dimensions: 58cm x 31 cm x 13 cm
Contains: The Brompton electric bicycle battery, originally manufactured by BMZ GmbH.

The battery nominal characteristics:
Appearance: 30 cells in a black plastic housing
Weight: 2.2 kg
Voltage: 36.5 V
Capacity: 8.55 Ah
Energy: 312.07 Wh

Many thanks for your time.

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