Trico Frieght

Sending your goods by sea is now easier than ever, thanks to the latest shipping technology. It is also safer and more reliable too. Shipping your goods offers you flexibility and choice- from smaller, individual packages, to full container loads. Whatever you need to send, no matter the shape or size, we can help you ship it with confidence. Our domestic goods service allows you to send personal effects by sea or air. We offer a large range of options, from individual boxes, cartons and packages, to full-house shipments. Our Delivery and Collection service means that we can come to you and pack your goods for you, or you can bring your goods to our office. We offer safe, strong packing materials and expert advice on how best to send your domestic goods. We provide Commercial vehicles shipments to Sri Lanka and worldwide. Plase visit this link for more information. Businesses trust Trico to handle their goods because we offer a reliable and professional service.