CBI Transportation

Since CBI Transportation UK Ltd was formed in 2002, we have established a strong presence in Turkey. As such we are recognised as one of the leading freight forwarders in the Turkey - UK market. Our services include a 240,000 square foot, bonded warehouse at Felixstowe port which offers container unloading, palletisation, storage, pick & pack plus UK Distribution. CBI also has direct links to customs for completing customs clearances at all major UK ports (Felixstowe, Southampton, Liverpool, Thamesport) direct from our office in Manchester.

Our expertise in Customs clearance is particularly strong for imports of foodstuffs and confectionery, including guidance with duty quotas, CAP Duty (European Agricultural Duty) and import licence regulations. The company is also a member of the Forwarders Alliance, a global network for small-medium sized freight forwarding companies, with over 40 members worldwide.